Spideybolt's Good Luck Puck

I have been extremely fortunate to have some amazing support from the Tampa Bay community as well as other areas. Since sporting the web attire I have had a ton of fun, and it will only get better. Unaware of the power and impact it would have on some of our younger Bolts fans, I quickly realized there in inherently comes a great responsibility. I want to use this role for something bigger than just myself and everyone is welcomed to participate in 1 of 2 ways!

     1. Donate a puck to be given out at my future visits to hospitals, charity gatherings and other events for those in need. Why a puck? I challenge you to think of the symbol this unassuming item can mean to those in need of encouragement. A puck is tough. A puck is able to withstand shots repeatedly without breaking. A puck embodies the type of courage that most people in struggling circumstances possess.

2. Why shouldn't you be rewarded for doing a good deed? By donating, you'll be able to pick up your very own Spideybolt puck! For every puck you order, one goes to someone in need of a smile! Follow the instructions below to obtain a direct web-line on where you can donate.


     To contribute, locate the contact tab on this website to obtain a mailing a address to send your puck to OR a link to pick up an electrifying Spideybolt puck for you and someone in need, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spideybolt!